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Village of Angels Christmas Plans   ()

Local artist Leigh Jackman has come up with an idea to decorate the Village for Christmas.  The project named "Village of Angels" has enlisted local artists, school children and residents to decorate the village with environmentally friendly art works.

The project is well under way and all residents are invited to get involved by either donating a space to display a piece of art or making something yourself to display.

Some of the plans include life size driftwood and wicker angels and a troop of dancing chicken wire angels dancing across the Green.

You can keep up to date with the plans by visiting the facebook group set up for the project.


The Parish Council will be providing larger Christmas trees this year and have agreed to help with the cost of purchasing solar lights to light the pieces.

Please contact the clerk on clerk@sthelensparishcouncil.org.uk if you require any further information.